CHUCKLE AND CHARM - Sachi Sandal (New Style)

$30 $52

A Classic Style, Chuckle and Charms NEW Sachi Sandals will make you wish they came in Mummy Sizes! They have been designed with the highest standards and we have no doubts that they'll  impress both Child and Mum! Made with a Premium Flat leather, beautifully detailed stitching, super soft soles and our signature Rose Gold

Colours: White // Tan // Rose Gold

Outer // Inner: Leather - Hard soles


  • Size 5 - 12.5cm - 12m+
  • Size 6 - 13.4cm - 18m+
  • Size 7 - 14.2cm - 2yrs+
  • Size 8 - 15.0cm - 2.5yrs+
  • Size 9 - 15.9cm - 3yrs+
  • Size 10 - 16.7cm - 3.5yrs+

Important Size information:

The new Sachi Sandals have different measurements to our other designs, they are roughly half a cm smaller in length than existing designs, please adjust accordingly if needed. 

These Sandal measurements are true to size. Age guide is an approximation only as each foot is different; the lengths listed are insole measurements.

Measuring Tip: To accurately measure your Childs foot, ask them to stand on a piece of paper and mark their toe and heel with a pen then measure in between those points.

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