INKIBABINKI - Stripe Apple & Pear Cushion Large or Bite Size


This cushion is part of Inkibabinki™ Stripy collection, made of 100% gorgeous heavy-weight cotton fabric and polar fleece for to its stalk and stuffed with eco fill stuffing for pillows and dolls.

Because it is made of heavy-weight fabric, it is not afraid to get down and dirty....great for the rugged little ones :)

Please note: for its stalk, bite size cushion will be finished with ribbon which works as handle; to be tied onto something and become part of decorative element in the room or the pram.

Dimension of apple
large: approx. 270mm x 300mm
bite size: approx. 210mm x 250mm
orientation of lines: vertical

Dimension of pear
large: approx. 270mm x 400mm
bite size: approx. 220mm x 260mm
orientation of lines: horizontal

All cushions are handmade, so there will be slight variation between one and another.


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