MOJO GARFFI - ANULAKI Winged Land Prints

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MOJO is a little, smart boy who wanders through various lands, meets their inhabitants and presents them to children.
Discover the ANULAKI - winged land and magical leaf which has become a symbol of getting better and better all over the the world. Meet Mojo's seven magical friends.  

ADI - Charming, energetic, curious about the world. He teaches children to be creative and innovative.

ELIA - A dreamer, nice and calm. She helps children to follow their dreams. She teaches independence and responsibility.

FIFKO - Incredibly confident, smart and courageous. He has clearly defined goals - to protect children from danger, to teach both responsibility and cunning.

FLOLINA - very friendly, caring and generous. By his infinite kindness he teaches children sensitivity to the needs of others

LILU - lovely, nice and extremely ambitious. She teaches children to look for the joy in simple things.

MIKA - Tender, shy but incredibly talented. She teaches children to be honest and respect other's opinions.

MITAL - a dreamer with a big heart. His sharp mind helps to teach children  to choose wisely.

Size: 50 cm x 70 cm
Printing: uncoated, extra tactile surface of paper 170 g/m2 // matt printing // packed in paper tube


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